Q – What size dumpsters do you offer?

A – We offer one size only: the 10-cubic-yard. The dimensions are 12-feet long x 8-feet wide x 4-feet tall. Our container is an open-top, roll-off style with a gate at one end that swings open to one side on hinges.

Q – What do you charge and how long can I keep the container?

A – Pricing is based on the city in the delivery address. All prices are for a 7-day rental. After seven days, you will begin accruing extra charges of $5/day or $25/week for up to 30 days.

If you fill the container and need a swap (driver simultaneously brings an empty container to you and picks up the full one), the base price will again be charged and your 7 days will start over.

Price includes: delivery, pick-up, tax, and a single dump of ONE container.

Nashville and surrounding areas: $299

The price increases from $299 the farther our trucks must travel to deliveries in other Middle Tennessee cities (Ex: Murfreesboro is $345, which includes a $46 fuel charge.) If you do not see your city, please ASK a representative. We may be able to accommodate you.

Q – What payment methods do you accept?

A – We accept credit or debit cards, and cash or check on delivery. Drivers do not carry change, so please have exact amount ready. Drivers will provide a receipt. Credit and debit cards will be charged the day of delivery and an invoice e-mailed to you. Extra-time charges will be calculated at time of pick-up.

Q – What kinds of materials can I place in your containers?

A – Prohibited items include: refrigerators, tires, liquids, paint, oil, antifreeze, wet concrete, tube tv’s, batteries, etc. If you have a large amount of an especially heavy item such as concrete, rock, dirt or shingles, please mention this when ordering, as we will need to advise you of the rules and maximum fill lines to prevent an overload. Weight limit is 4 tons. Shingle limit is 40 squares. Concrete must be broken into 2’ x 2’ pieces or smaller.

Q – I have several electronics, computers, etc. Are these okay to place in your dumpster?

A – One or two electronics are accepted. If you have more than two, we ask that you take those items to an electronics recycling center.

Q – How high above the rim may I fill the dumpster?

A – Please make certain all items fit inside the dumpster. Do not fill above the rim. Drivers must tarp the container at removal so contents are secure while transporting to the dump. Items left over the top of the container will be removed by driver and remain on site.

Q – When will you come to pick up the dumpster? Do I have to call you?

A – At time of order, you may either confirm a pick-up date or opt to be on “will call,” which means you will call us when you are ready for a swap or final pick-up. If you confirm a pick-up date, a truck will be dispatched to pick up the container on the date specified. If you decline that pick up, there is a $50 charge for the truck to return at a later time or date. It is important that you notify us the day before if you need to change your pick-up date.

Q – Where will you place the dumpster on my property or job site?

A – When ordering, please include instructions as to where you would like our container placed on your property or job site. Some customers place plywood down for protection of a new driveway, etc. We are not liable for damage to yards or grass. Many cities have ordinances against placing dumpsters on the street. Please obtain any required permits or permissions from your local authorities before delivery day.

Q – Do I have to be present for delivery?

A – If you are paying by credit or debit card and there are no obstacles preventing the driver from delivering to the desired spot (locked gates, unsecured pets, vehicles or other items blocking delivery), then it is not required that you be present for delivery or for pick-up.

If you are paying by cash or check, the driver must receive payment before he can drop the container, so most customers will need to be present or make arrangements to leave payment in a specified spot for driver to collect.

Additional helpful information for our customers:

To avoid extra charges, promptly notify us when you are finished using our dumpster. Idle dumpsters attract random dumping by area residents who may assume it is a “community” dumpster. The customer will be responsible for offloading any restricted item and/or amount of waste exceeding the limits set forth.

To ensure your desired delivery date, ordering in advance is highly recommended.

Q – What are your hours of operation?

A – Monday through Friday 7 am to 5 pm CST. We are closed weekends and some holidays.


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Contact person was very friendly and informative. Price was real reasonable. Lastly, delivery and pick-up were timely as planned. I will use Griffin Waste with my next project for sure! - Nick R. in Nashville, TN

If you call before noon, most days we will deliver a container to you that day.