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June 25, 2018

2024-06-29 | 13:05:31

"Great customer service (thank you, Dee!)! Everyone I spoke to from the driver to the office was extremely nice and helpful. I 100% recommend Griffin Waste."
June 20, 2018

2024-06-29 | 13:05:32

"Super happy with the customer service we received from Griffin Waste Services. We had a demo project and they were so helpful and responsive when we called about a dumpster. We had a miscommunication on our end and missed the drop off call, they still dropped off the dumpster, we just needed to move it for easier use. We called and again, their customer service was beyond wonderful, they scheduled a time for us to reposition the dumpster the next day and they just went above and beyond. They send out confirmations before pickup as well. I will definitely recommend them to anyone in the future and use them for our future projects as well!"
June 18, 2018

2024-06-29 | 13:05:33

"I have only had success with them. They were always delivered and collected the dumpster on time. The truck drivers were always nice and polite. The administration staff have always been pleasant to talk to and have always answered my questions. I think they are great."
June 15, 2018

2024-06-29 | 13:05:35

"Great service! Would definitely use them again!"
June 15, 2018

2024-06-29 | 13:05:34

"Great service! Would definitely use them again!"