What Size Dumpster Should You Rent?

Your first step before preparing for a DIY project is often getting all of the right tools and materials for the job. But one thing you can’t forget is to rent a dumpster. Having a dumpster on-site makes clean-up a breeze and helps keep your home tidy during the project. But every DIY project is […]

Dispose of Sheetrock with a Rental Dumpster

So, you’ve completed your construction project, and among the leftover debris is a pile of sheetrock. What can you do with all of these pieces of drywall? It’s important to choose a proper method for drywall disposal to avoid environmental pollution or legal ramifications. Use the following FAQ to educate yourself about sheetrock and the […]

Properly Dispose of Your Treated Lumber with a Rental Dumpster

If you’re replacing a garden bed, shed, fencing or other wooden structure on your property, you may encounter a challenging situation: What should you do with the old treated lumber? Can you burn it? Throw it away? It’s important to properly dispose of this material in a safe and legal way. Here’s what you need […]

Spring Cleaning Is Easy with a Rental Dumpster

Serious spring cleaning usually means getting rid of a lot of junk from your home. Some municipalities offer select spring cleaning programs that allow residents to place junk on their curb for pickup from the city. Others provide dumpsters throughout the city for spring cleanup projects. However, if you live in the Nashville, TN, area, […]

Properly Dispose of Your Mattress with a Rental Dumpster

Mattress disposal in Nashville, TN can seem like a serious hassle. While some gently used mattresses can be donated, if you have been sleeping on your mattress for many years, you will most likely have to figure out how to dispose of it. Many mattresses won’t just fit in public dumpsters, let alone your private […]