Can I Rent A Recycle Dumpster Roll Off?

If you are looking for a way to get rid of some extra trash, you may be wondering if you can rent a recycle dumpster roll-off. The answer is yes! You can easily find a company that rents these dumpsters out, and they’re perfect for getting rid of large amounts of waste quickly. In this […]

How to Get Rid of Your Junk

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to face the daunting task of getting rid of their junk. Maybe you’re moving and need to clear out the garage, or you’re just cleaning out your closet and find yourself with too many things. No matter what the reason, getting rid of your junk […]

What Can’t I Put In My Roll-Off Dumpster?

Before taking out the trash, take your time and understand the ins of safe, legal waste disposals in roll-off dumpster containers. For example, avoid putting hazardous materials like asbestos, flammable, or sealed tanks in a dumpster. Don’t risk getting fined or harming others — ask whenever you’re in doubt. Griffin Waste Services is a professional dumpster […]

How Do I Stop Someone From Using My Dumpster?

Today, many property owners are dealing with night dumping where their neighbors have been placing trash and debris in their containers. The effects of a rolloff’s improvement or cleanup project have even been compromised in construction areas, which has made it challenging for the majority of property investors. This can be a significant challenge that can […]

Can I Use a Roll-Off Dumpster for Demolition Work?

Demolition work can be a huge undertaking. Whether you’re planning to tackle a major home renovation or demolish an old shed in your backyard, you’ll need to have a plan to dispose of the debris. One option is to rent a roll-off dumpster. But can you use a dumpster for demolition work? The answer is […]