How Can I Get Rid of My Old Couch?

There comes a time in every adult’s life when they need to toss the 30-year-old hand-me-down couch they’ve had since their college days and invest in real furniture. It’s a gratifying experience to buy new furniture, but it also means the end of an era for your old furnishings. It also begs the question: how can I get rid of my old couch?

There are actually a few options for unloading your old, much-loved furniture, depending on how creative you want to get. Here’s how to unload your old duds before your new digs arrive, from pawning off furniture to dumpster rental in Nashville, TN.

Call friends and family

Chances are, your old furniture is a hand-me-down from someone else in the family—a couch your grandparents had from the 1970s, or a broken old loveseat your parents kept in the basement for much of your childhood. Before you kick your old couch to the curb, see if you can keep the tradition going! See if you have college-age relatives looking for free furnishings or any new homeowners in the family looking for quick furniture solutions.

Few people will shy away from a price tag that says “free,” and even fewer will say no to a case of beer for going through the trouble of picking it up!

Leave it on the curb

Speaking of kicking things to the curb, that might just be the best place for your unwanted furniture. Before you haul it out there for some time spent in the sun, make sure you can. Some homeowners associations prohibit curbside trash, and you might incur a fine if your unwanted couch blocks parking or obstructs the sidewalk.

The best places to leave a couch out for the scavengers is in a college town or in areas with a heavy “picker” presence. Someone driving by may see a couch in good condition and backtrack to bring it home. You’d be amazed at what college kids can haul away when they’re sufficiently motivated! Again, a price tag of “free” goes a long way. In the right conditions, your unwanted couch might be gone within the hour.

List it

If the idea of curbside giveaways leaves you aghast, consider a more discreet way of unloading your couch. Sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or Nextdoor are all great ways to list your unwanted furniture and get people’s attention. They’re free to use, and often, you can get a few bucks for something you might’ve otherwise given away for free anyway!

Call for a dumpster rental

If your couch is too far gone to serve anyone else, it might be time to say goodbye for good. The best way to part ways is via a dumpster rental in Nashville, TN. Give it one good heave and it’ll disappear into the bin, never to be seen again! As a bonus, if you’ve got spring cleaning or home organization to do, feel free to chuck anything else you don’t want in there!

You might not feel great about tossing your old, unwanted couch in a dumpster after years of service… but you’re likely to feel a whole lot better when your new furniture arrives and you get the chance to break it in!

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