Got Downtime? Use Our Dumpsters to Clean Out That Garage

If you’ve found yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands lately, you might be wondering what to do beyond binge-watching Netflix for hours on end. At a certain point, you run out of shows to watch and books to read, and all that’s left to do is tackle that home improvement to-do list you’ve been avoiding for the last few years.

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to finally clean out that garage. Cleaning your garage is easy with a drop-off dumpster service in Nashville, TN—here are some tips to make the most of your project:

  • Make a plan: The most important thing you’ll need is a plan. Think about why you’re cleaning out the garage and what you hope to accomplish with the project. Are you getting rid of everything to make a work station, or do you just want to organize what you have? Are you finally making space for your car? Whatever your goals, knowing what you want the end result to be (besides “clean”) will help guide you.
  • Get everything out: Next, take everything out of the garage and organize it into keep, donate and toss piles. Anything unusable that can’t be donated to a charitable organization should be tossed. Refer to your plan anytime you aren’t sure whether to keep an item—do you need it for your end goal?
  • Clean surfaces thoroughly: Your next step is to thoroughly clean the garage, wiping down dirt, dust, mold and spiderwebs as necessary. Be sure to wear a mask to prevent inhaling allergens.
  • Renovate or repaint as needed: If your garage’s interior needs any renovations or repainting, now is the time to do it. Even a fresh coat of paint can do wonders in brightening your garage space.
  • Get rid of unusable junk: Finally, use your residential dumpster to dispose of all the renovation waste and junk that you can’t donate. Be sure to refer to your dumpster provider’s rules regarding what can and can’t go into dumpsters, and be cognizant of the weight and overflow limits.
  • Move everything back in: Now it’s time to move everything you’re keeping back into the garage—this time, in a neat and organized manner that will serve your end goal.

Cleaning out your garage might not be a fun task, but now is the perfect time to get it done!

Dumpster drop-off and pickup in Nashville, TN

Make your garage cleaning project easier and faster than you imagined by calling Griffin Waste Services. We offer residential and commercial dumpster drop-off and pickup in Nashville, TN. Our affordable rates and flexible schedules mean you can keep the dumpsters as long as you need them, and when you’re ready to get rid of your old junk and debris, we’ll pick it up and get it out of your way. There’s no better time than now to get started on the process of clearing out your garage—call us today to get an estimate and learn more about your options.

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