Top Ways to Reduce Your Waste During the Holidays

The thought of extended family members coming to town plus holiday shopping crowds are enough to make anyone feel a little nervous this time of year. Unfortunately, that feeling of existential dread may hang around after the holidays because of all the leftover trash.

As experts in holiday disposal in Nashville, TN, our team at Griffin Waste Services is here to help. This post will cover the top ways to reduce the amount of waste you create, which helps the environment and makes your cleanup chores easier.

Holiday cards

Everyone likes opening the mailbox and finding a holiday card from friends and family, but where do those cards go once the holidays are over? Often, right into the trash can. Instead of adding to our garbage piles, send a digital card! E-cards convey the same message without adding more garbage to the local dump.

Christmas trees

Buying a real Christmas tree is a great way to bring holiday cheer and make your home smell wonderful. Once December 26th rolls around, however, many families just toss their trees into the garbage. Instead of tossing it in a bin for large waste removal in Nashville, TN, look up local Christmas tree recycling programs that dispose of trees in responsible ways.

Holiday shopping

Driving around town buying gifts for everyone pollutes the environment and wastes a ton of time. Try carpooling when shopping to lessen your carbon footprint and do all of your shopping in one trip. Additionally, bring reusable bags to the store instead of getting plastic or paper bags.


Almost every product comes with excess packaging that just adds to your large waste removal in Nashville, TN. Consider giving out gift cards this year instead of physical presents. Gift cards don’t come with a ton of packaging, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up all of that discarded cardboard and plastic.

Wrapping gifts

Giving unwrapped gifts during the holidays just doesn’t seem right, but all of that torn-open wrapping paper really adds to your collection of holiday garbage. Try to find recyclable wrapping paper that won’t have to go to the dump. You could also consider putting all of your presents in gift bags that can be used again next year.

Rent a dumpster for excess waste

You might still have a ton of waste even after following our tips—and that’s okay! But instead of filling up your garbage can to the brim and letting trash fall on the ground, just rent a dumpster.

Dumpster rental is incredibly affordable, and it saves you the hassle of carrying a heavy trash can down to the curb. Additionally, your local garbagemen will thank you for sparing them the trouble of collecting tons of holiday waste.

Call us today to rent a dumpster

Holiday disposal in Nashville, TN is a breeze when you rent a dumpster from Griffin Waste Services. Simply call our professionals to schedule delivery, and then call us again when you’re ready for pickup. As long as you’ve pre-paid for the dumpster, you don’t even need to be home when we come by!

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