Properly Dispose of Your Treated Lumber with a Rental Dumpster

If you’re replacing a garden bed, shed, fencing or other wooden structure on your property, you may encounter a challenging situation: What should you do with the old treated lumber? Can you burn it? Throw it away? It’s important to properly dispose of this material in a safe and legal way. Here’s what you need to know about treated wood disposal in Nashville, TN.

Treated wood can be toxic

Burning the wood may seem like a simple solution. While this may be a simple process, the effects are far more complicated. Treated wood contains chemicals, so burning it releases toxins into the air. The ashes and smoke that the wood generates are also toxic and potentially fatal to those who come into contact with them.

Due to these toxic chemicals, the wood is not good for creating mulch, either. Those chemicals will simply find their way into your garden beds and pollute the ground.

What about throwing it away?

If the wood cannot be destroyed, that leaves you with the option of throwing it away when you no longer need it. However, due to the chemicals involved, it’s important to take the proper precautions when disposing of treated wood. It should not be dumped just anywhere. Certain landfills are equipped with specialized protective liners. These liners prevent the toxic chemicals from seeping into the surrounding soil and water.

Of course, you may not know where to find one of these special landfills or have a method of transporting the lumber to that location. However, you can partner with a local disposal company to handle treated wood with a rental dumpster in Nashville, TN.

Dumpster disposal for treated wood

To properly dispose of this potentially hazardous material, use a rental dumpster. You can load up all the wood you want to get rid of, and the rental company will haul it away and safely dispose of it for you. This is your best option for treated wood disposal in Nashville, TN. It’s simple, safe and efficient.

So, who should you partner with for your treated wood disposal? Look for an established company that offers service in your area for disposing of treated wood with rental dumpsters in Nashville, TN. When you inquire about price, make sure the rental includes delivery and pickup as well as an adequate weight limit for the amount of wood you have. Also confirm that the size of the dumpster available will fit on your property.

We’ll take your treated wood

For a simple and safe solution to your treated wood disposal in Nashville, TN, contact the professionals at Griffin Waste Services. Locally owned and operated, we offer convenient yard containers that are perfect for residential or light commercial disposal. Each dumpster rental includes delivery and pickup for up to four tons of material. Our convenient Nashville dumpster rental services can easily accommodate the tightest places and locations. Contact us today to make arrangements for your rental. Get in touch with our team with any questions at 615-562-4000.

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