Four Tips to Keep in Mind When Renting a Residential Roll-Off Dumpster

Whether you’re doing some remodeling, clearing out excess landscaping debris or simply looking to declutter a packed house, investing in a residential dumpster rental can make any job much easier. While renting a temporary dumpster for the projects you’re doing around the house isn’t exactly a complicated process, you should understand how it works before you book a reservation.

Here are some tips to guide you, as you rent a temporary residential dumpster for your project.

Choose a company with flexible rental periods

Every residential dumpster rental company is different when it comes to the length of a rental. It’s always best to go with a dumpster service that offers you ultimate flexibility and doesn’t stick you with massive charges if you end up needing the unit for longer than you thought.

When shopping around for a dumpster company, look for one that offers same-day delivery. You won’t have to wait around for the dumpster to arrive, and you can get started on your projects sooner. Also, be sure to choose a company that allows you to schedule removal on your terms. That way, you can keep the dumpster for exactly as long as you need it and won’t be surprised by an early pickup.

Keep weight limits in mind

All dumpsters have designated weight limits, and you could be stuck picking things back out of the dumpster if you’ve gone over the set limit. Alternatively, you could be slapped with some hefty overage fees! Neither situation is ideal. Talk with your dumpster services provider to determine the weight limit based on the size of the unit you select so that you can be sure it will have the capacity to handle the waste disposal needs your project requires.

Select a suitable site for delivery

You need to prepare a space for delivery before the truck arrives with your temporary dumpster. You’ll be informed of the exact dimensions of your unit well ahead of time, allowing you to find a flat, level and obstruction-free spot to park the dumpster. Make absolutely sure that the delivery location is easily accessible for a large truck, and keep the area clear from cars and other potential obstructions.

Understand what is allowed in a dumpster

Not all waste should go to the landfill, and improperly loading a dumpster can cause major headaches. Keep all flammable and hazardous debris out of the dumpster, and make sure to speak with your dumpster services provider about specific regulations in your area.

If you’re planning on doing a construction or renovation project, keep in mind that all construction and heavy debris needs to be placed in special containers and can’t be mixed with other material. As always, your dumpster services provider will be able to advise you to make sure you’re renting the right unit in terms of size and type.

Choosing the right residential dumpster—and the right service provider—will help your upcoming projects around the house go much more smoothly. Reach out to Griffin Waste Services for all your residential dumpster rental needs, including flexible rentals on your terms.

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