How To Turn a Roll Off Dumpster Into a Back Yard Pool

Many people want a backyard, in-ground pool. But the cost can be enormous. For the creative, do-it-yourselfer, it can be done for much less money.

Perhaps you’ve had a portable dumpster rental before. Most people use them when cleaning out a home or during a remodel. But using a portable dumpster as a pool? While many have never given consideration to this, it is quite possible to do. Here’s a step-by-step list of how to accomplish this.

Decide the Size of Pool You Want, Then Acquire the Correct Sized Dumpster

Factors to consider regarding the size of pool you’d like in your backyard would be the length, width, and depth. Roll-off dumpsters come in a variety of lengths, widths, and depths. The average swimming pool has a maximum depth of about 5.5 ft. Dumpsters come in depths that can range from 3.5 to 8.5 feet deep.

Think this through when deciding what type of roll-off dumpster to purchase. Also factor in the length and width. For a wading pool, a small dumpster would be more than enough. A larger, deeper dumpster is a better choice for a pool you can dive into or swim laps.

Preparing the Dumpster For Use By Cleaning It

While a person could buy a brand new dumpster, buying a used one and repurposing it saves money and utilizes an existing product. Once you have your used dumpster, it’s advisable to power wash it thoroughly, inside and out. Be sure to hit every area, all the corners, and little spaces to ensure it’s clean.

Fill a bucket with hot, soapy water. Use a large, textured sponge and begin scrubbing the inside of the dumpster. Again, make sure you really clean well in the grooves and corners. You’ll also want to scrub the outside of the dumpster.

Converting Your Dumpster To Your Pool

Apply a layer of anti-corrosive paint to your dumpster, both inside and out. This will prevent your metal pool from developing rusted-out spots. Wait for the anti-corrosive paint to dry, then apply a layer of insulation foam. Place a pool liner with moderate flexibility over the insulated foam to provide additional padding and that aesthetically pleasing blue look that pools usually have.

Making the Space For Your Pool

The next step is to dig a hole that will accommodate your dumpster pool. You’ll want to make it slightly bigger than the measurements of the dumpster, the length, the width, and the depth. Put a layer of limestone across the bottom and the sides of your hole. This will help protect the soil around your pool. Secure the dumpster pool in the ground and pack the dirt around it tightly. You may even put concrete around your new pool, or build a wooden deck around it.

You can do all kinds of creative and fun things with a do-it-yourself converted dumpster pool. Save money and add a wonderful entertainment resource to your home.


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