What Can’t I Put In My Roll-Off Dumpster?

Before taking out the trash, take your time and understand the ins of safe, legal waste disposals in roll-off dumpster containers. For example, avoid putting hazardous materials like asbestos, flammable, or sealed tanks in a dumpster. Don’t risk getting fined or harming others — ask whenever you’re in doubt.

Griffin Waste Services is a professional dumpster rental company willing to answer any questions you might have. Avoid putting these things in a roll-off dumpster.


Replace your old, outdated electronics rather than putting them in a roll-off dumpster. Some electronics might contain batteries with hazardous chemical batteries that cause serious environmental problems, like the degradation of ecosystems and water resources. Electronic waste includes: 

  • Printers
  • VCRs and DVD players
  • Computers 
  • Cables
  • Keyboards
  • Televisions 
  • Digital and video games
  • Circuit boards
  • Stereo systems, speakers, and audio players 

Many local jurisdictions have established electronic waste recycling centers. So, take advantage of these services instead of putting electronic waste in a roll-off dumpster container. Confirm your local electronic recycling center here.

Stains, Lacquers, Paints, and Flammable Solvents

Stains, lacquers, paints, and flammable solvents contain hazardous ingredients that degrade the environment. You can put dried-out paint containers into a roll-off dumpster, but cans with remaining solvents are prohibited.

ry these materials using a cat litter. The crystals and sand in cat litters absorb any remaining solvents in lacquer and paint cans, making it much safer for disposal in a roll-off dumpster container. 


Don’t dump dry-cell and car batteries in your dumpster because they might leak chemicals that degrade the environment. Recycle car batteries by returning them to any store that sells used car batteries. Also, drop off old dry-cell batteries such as AA, AAA, and Lithium, in designated containers mainly found in stores. 


You can’t put mattresses in a roll-off dumpster as they take a lot of space in landfills. So, it’s eco-friendly and advisable to recycle them as many manufacturers offer recycling services. You can also repurpose them in various ways like carpeting and clothing. You can also contact Griffin Waste Services for safer disposal.

Oils and Gas 

At times, a roll-off dumpster improvement or cleanup project might result in oil and gas waste. So, avoid disposing of your lawn mower fluids, lubricants, chemicals, and other petroleum-based products in the dumpster as they’re highly flammable.  

Hot Water Tanks

Avoid putting hot water tanks in your dumpster as the empty spaces inside hot water tanks collect harmful gases that might eventually explode. Preferably, contact your hot water company to see if they recycle or replace it with a new one. You can contact a dumpster rental company for safe disposal. 

Medical Infectious Waste

Medical infectious waste includes: 

  • Used sharps and needles 
  • Expired or unused prescriptions or drugs 
  • Hospital blood bags 
  • Body parts or animal carcasses 
  • Dialysis waste
  • Blood-soaked fabrics

Contact us for a safe and environmentally friendly medical infectious waste disposal service.   

Consult Griffin Waste Services for Your Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals in Nashville, TN, Griffin

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