Where Does Your Trash Go?

Each of us produces over four pounds of trash per day, which usually consists of plastic, food waste and paper trash. In most cases, whether it originates in your kitchen trash can or is collected via residential dumpster rental in Franklin, TN, this trash gets sent to the landfill. Typically, waste will be sent to a transfer station and material recovery facilities, to separate useful trash from that which will end up burned or in a landfill.


There are over 3,000 active landfills in America today, which hold about 50 percent of the country’s garbage. Generally, they’re made of clay, lined with plastic to keep hazardous (or just plain gross) fluids from seeping into the earth. Usually the trash is covered with soil and plants to aid the decomposition process, but that can take years.

Landfills are expensive to run, and the methane that escapes from decomposition can be harmful. Ultimately, everyone’s goal should be to keep as much waste out of the landfill as humanly possible. Since the average American produces up to 4.6 pounds of trash per day, that can add up fast.
Waste-to-energy plants

Waste-to-energy plants usually burn the garbage that they’re sent. By burning the garbage, these plants use the heat to create steam, which can then provide power. Waste-to-energy plants reduce the garbage’s volume down to 10 percent of the original waste. However, burning garbage releases harmful CO2 into the air. While these types of plants are great for getting rid of garbage, they come with drawbacks that lessen their efficacy. The EPA has numerous rules about burning garbage to avoid further damage to the environment.

Recycling and composting

About 35 percent of our trash goes into recycling and composting plants. Recycling facilities usually take metal, paper, glass and plastics. Recycling has grown in popularity since the 1980s, but has recently hit a slump in growth. Composting facilities take biological waste, such as food and agricultural waste, and collect it to create compost for farmland.

Ultimately, it’s incumbent on each of us to try to reduce our waste. The less garbage we send to the landfills, the better for the environment. Try to use cloth, metal and glass products instead of plastic, and be sure to separate your recyclables from your green waste and from your general, unrecyclable trash. With a little care, we can all do something great for the environment.

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