Are There Things I Can’t Throw Into the Dumpster?

Thanks to environmental and safety regulations designed to protect the earth (and waste service employees), there are certain things you won’t be allowed to throw away. If your dumpster was provided by a dumpster rental service in Franklin, TN, you could be violating the contract. It’s better to follow these simple guidelines for taking out the trash.

What can be tossed

Construction materials: Contracting materials can usually be thrown into the trash. This includes brick, metal, asphalt, siding, cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, countertops, drywall, lumber, stone, subfloor materials and tile—but depending on how much construction material you’ll be disposing of, you may require a reinforced dumpster.
Drained appliances: Once you drain your appliances of all their hazardous fluids, it’s okay to toss them in the trash. Sometimes it is more cost- and time-efficient to pay a professional to haul away, drain and dispose of appliances.

Electronics: Tennessee is one of the 25 states without special electronic waste regulations, so you can feel free to toss your personal household electronics. However, if you have a significant amount, you may need to recycle them as “e-waste.” Call Griffin Waste Services today to find out if you can toss your e-waste.

Aerosol cans: If your aerosol can is completely empty, that is suitable for the trash. However, if it’s even partially full, it can explode.

Furniture: Wooden furniture can be tossed. If the furniture is made entirely out of wood, chances are you can get rid of it in the dumpster. However, if it’s upholstered, you may be required to recycle it another way.

Yard waste: Yard debris like sticks, stones and leaves is perfectly acceptable to put into the trash, although you may want to consider composting what you can.

What has to be removed

Hazardous material: Gas, freon, motor oil, asbestos and automotive fluids, among other harmful chemicals, must be recycled by a professional hazardous waste disposal company. They should never go in the dumpster.

Adhesives: Glues and other binders can stick to dumpster walls, so they’re forbidden.

Hot water tanks: Hot water tanks are not allowed in dumpsters due to their proclivity to explode. Should you be replacing your tank, the company you bought it from may have its own recycling program.

Ink and resin: These materials can leak and stain the inside of dumpsters, so it’s best to recycle them with a special service.
Medical waste: If you have hazardous or infectious medical waste, you’ll need to dispose of it according to law.

Dumpster rental service in Franklin, TN

If you’re looking for a dumpster rental service in Franklin, TN or have more questions about what you can and can’t put into a dumpster, give Griffin Waste Services a call. We offer dumpster rentals by the day, week or month and offer door-to-door delivery and pickup services. Get rid of up to four tons of waste with just one dumpster rental! For more information about how we can help your home or business rent a dumpster, call us today.

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