Hiring a Junk Removal Service vs. Renting a Small Dumpster in Nashville, TN

When it’s time to clear out large amounts of debris from around your home or business in one fell swoop, the two most popular choices are to hire a junk removal service or rent a small dumpster in Nashville, TN. Let’s figure out which disposal method is likely to work best for your needs.

Removal service vs. dumpster rental: The main differences

Unless you break down large items—like old furniture, appliances, dry wall and wood beams—cramming them into your household garbage bins can be impossible. You also have to adhere to county restrictions for what can and cannot be thrown away in your regular garbage collection. However, we have good news! There are a couple recommended ways to get rid of bulky junk easily: renting a small dumpster or hiring a debris removal service. Below are the main factors to consider when choosing between the two options:

  • Length of project: Before choosing a service or a dumpster, consider how long your project will take to complete. You can keep a dumpster rental for a week or more, while a junk removal service usually schedules an exact time to come and pick up your unwanted items in a single trip. If you think your project will go on for a longer time, then a small dumpster rental may be the best choice for you.
  • Price: The cost of junk removal service or dumpster rental varies depending on the company, your location and other factors. On top of the cost of the dumpster rental, there might be a fee to obtain a permit, which you may be responsible for paying. Junk removal services often charge by the number of trips they make to your property.
  • Amount of debris: It’s a good idea to evaluate the amount of junk material your project is likely to produce. If, on the one hand, you just have a few larger items to dispose of, a junk removal service may be the way to go. If you anticipate having to toss a large amount of debris, a dumpster rental may be the best option.

Benefits of renting a small dumpster

A small dumpster can save you a lot of time and hassle. And don’t let the descriptor “small” fool you—these debris collection units can hold a large amount of material, making them perfect for smaller jobs around your home or business:

  • Holds a lot: Small dumpsters can handle a majority of big items. They can hold way more materials than a regular residential garbage collection, which bodes well for those who are planning a project like a cleanout or minor construction.
  • Affordable: A small dumpster rental fits easily into many budgets. The money you save can be applied to your home or business upgrade.
  • Less ugly: Any dumpster will stick out on your driveway, but a smaller one sitting there for a few days won’t bother neighbors as much as a big one would.
  • Fits in most driveways: Small dumpsters are more maneuverable and don’t require much storage space. They fit easily in most driveways, and are the right size to be delivered and picked up quickly.

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