Help the Planet: Remember to Sort Out Recyclables

When everyone does their part, we can cut down on a great deal of the trash that ends up in a landfill. Recycling plastic, glass, paper and more is a great way to help the planet. However, many people don’t understand what you can and cannot recycle, nor what you can and can’t put in a dumpster in Nashville, TN. Here’s a quick and easy guide to recycling and dumpsters.

What you can and cannot recycle

The city of Nashville has very specific guidelines for what you can put in your curbside recycling bins. If the recycling collectors find that you’ve put unauthorized items in your bin, you might get an “OOPS” tag. Getting an OOPS tag means that your recycling wasn’t collected due to problematic items. They’ll write those items down on the tag so that you can remove them and try again. Remember to rinse any food out of your containers first.

You can recycle paper, like newspapers, magazines, mail and cardboard boxes. The waste department will also accept plastic bottles, jars and jugs, but does not accept plastic bags, tubs or bubble wrap. Throw your metal cans in the bin, but be sure they’re food-free.

Don’t throw your glass jars and bottles in the recycling bin—they must be taken to a separate facility. You also can’t recycle clothing or linens, Styrofoam, electronics, chains, hoses, wires or yard waste.

What you can and cannot put in a dumpster

If you’re taking on a major cleaning or construction project, you can always rent a dumpster to get rid of the trash. Like your curbside recycling pickup, there are rules about what you can and cannot put in a dumpster in Nashville, TN. Keep in mind that everything must fit inside the dumpster (no vertical overflow), and most dumpsters have a four-ton weight limit.

When you’re throwing items in a dumpster, the basic rule of thumb is “no hazardous items.” Anything that ends up in a landfill can affect the groundwater supply. To that end, you can’t throw batteries, gas, paint, oil, fuel and other toxic chemicals in a dumpster. Tires don’t belong there either—they can give off methane gas that will build up and damage the landfill equipment. Refrigerators and other appliances that use coolants are not allowed, either—the coolant can leak and soak into the ground.

Adhesives are also forbidden, but not because they’re toxic—they can cause items to stick to the side of the dumpster.

All that said, there’s plenty you can put in a dumpster, including wooden furniture, construction materials and most household junk. Go ahead and throw broken toys, dishes, linens and more in your dumpster—that’s what they’re designed for. As long as it’s not hazardous to the environment, feel free to clean out your home or business from the bottom up.

sIf you have questions, ask your local dumpster rental company. Griffin Waste Services will have the answers you’re looking for, along with dumpster rental solutions that make decluttering easy.

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