Time to Renovate the Kitchen: Our Leading Tips

Have you been dreaming of the perfect kitchen? Maybe you’re set on granite countertops or beautiful new hardware. Maybe you want a farmhouse-style sink or real wood cabinets. Whatever the case, you’re taking the dive into kitchen renovation.

Homeowners choose to renovate kitchens because they offer everyday benefits while also bringing tremendous return on investment. When the work is being done, you’ll need a 10-yard dumpster to haul away the old to make way for the new.

Let’s take a closer look at our leading tips for kitchen remodeling.

Find the right contractor

Unless you’re well versed in construction, this isn’t a DIY project. You want to have a trusted partner who provides support every step of the way. A general contractor to oversee the remodel is a smart choice. Talk to family and friends first to see who they are. Then check out online review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp. Call up contractors to get quotes and see who might be the best fit.

Design and measurements

You want to make sure that the design and measurements for your renovation project are sound. It’s your house, so you can do what you want, but there are some general guidelines that can prove useful. For example, make sure there’s adequate space for all your appliances. The distance between the stove top, sink and fridge should all be between 12 and 22 feet. Make sure that you have ample space to the right of the countertop and adjacent to the sink.


At some point, you’ll be doing demolition during this project. A 10-yard dumpster is typically a good choice for most kitchen remodels. You may need more, at which point you’d go up to a 20-yard dumpster, which can hold countertop, drywall, appliances, flooring, etc. Call up dumpster rental companies well ahead of time to ensure that you have one booked for demolition.


Whenever you’re planning on renovations for your home, you’ll need to acquire the proper permits. This includes permits of electrical, building and plumbing work which need to be acquired before the project begins. There are some cases where you don’t need permits, but if your work includes items like removing a load-bearing wall, moving a sink or creating a new door or window, you probably will need permits.


Some of the most popular choices for the kitchen are vinyl, tile and laminate wood flooring. All three of these are favored because they’re resistant to scratches and easy to clean. Hardwood floors aren’t a good choice because they’re not as water resistant as other options. Engineered wood is a better choice, and it can be continued into adjacent rooms to keep a consistent appearance.

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