Tips for Keeping a Dumpster Clean

A portable dumpster rental is a highly beneficial and convenient means of disposing large quantities of waste or construction materials. Whether you’re taking on a DIY job, have a contractor on-site or manage a large commercial property that generates a lot of waste, you’ll find your dumpster to be a key part of your operations and keeping your property clean and well maintained.

For dumpsters that will be in place permanently or for an extended period, you might find after some time that the dumpster might develop a lingering odor that doesn’t go away when it’s emptied. The good news is there are some methods you can implement to help alleviate these odors and clean up your dumpster.

Here are a few practical tips for cleaning your portable dumpster rental unit to ensure a messy project and a long-term rental doesn’t wind up being a particularly unpleasant combination.

Remove everything from the interior

Before you attempt to start cleaning the dumpster, you should first clear everything out of the dumpster. It might be a particular item that is causing a bad smell. This means it makes the most sense to schedule your cleanings after you have your dumpster picked up.

Once your dumpster has been emptied by the local waste disposal company, you will then be ready to clean the interior. Remove any loose items that might have been left behind for whatever reason, and make sure the interior is ready for a good scrubbing.

Begin the clean

Once you’ve finished clearing out the interior of your dumpster, you can fill it with about 6 inches of clean water. Sanitize the interior by mixing 2 cups of bleach with the standing water. Make sure you mix the solution thoroughly, and then allow the solution to sit for at least half an hour before you drain and rinse.

If you have any long-handled brushes that can be used on a metal surface, you can use them to scrub down the interior of the dumpster wherever it needs a little extra elbow grease. Just try to avoid scrubbing by hand, as you’ll want to avoid contact between the bleach and your skin.

Let the dumpster dry

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned and rinsed out the interior of your dumpster, you’ll need to let it completely dry before you start using it again. If you start throwing in waste too soon after cleaning and before the dumpster is dry, you could allow for the formation of bacteria and mold. On a warm, dry day, it shouldn’t take too long for the dumpster to air-dry after it’s been drained.

That’s all it takes! By staying proactive with dumpster cleaning and maintenance, you can avoid unpleasant smells and potential infestations of insects and other vermin.

For more information about the steps you can take to clean out your dumpster and why portable dumpster rental can be so beneficial for your property, we encourage you to contact our team today at Griffin Waste Services with any questions you have for us.

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