What Is the Difference Between a Rolloff and a Dump Trailer?

When you need to complete a big cleanup, the best way to simplify the job is to find dumpster rental services near you. Dumpster rental services provide different types of waste systems to choose from. In this quick guide, we will show you some of the differences between two popular options: dumpsters and dump trailers.

Who Needs Dumpster Rental Options?

Rental dumpster options are often used by both homeowners and business owners. Homeowners often need this option for waste management when they are working on a big clean-up project. This could include a home remodeling job, a home cleanout or a property cleanup.

Business owners can also benefit from this rental option as well. If you run any type of property clean-up services such as landscaping, or construction services, it will be necessary to have access to large dumpsters or dump trailers on a regular basis. Knowing which option is best for your needs can help you to keep your cost manageable.

What Are Dump Trailers?

A dump trailer is a waste container that has wheels and high sides. It is often used to remove waste to a dumpster site. These mobile options are also sometimes called rubber-wheeled dumpsters. This type of waste system has some limitations in what can go in and how much they can haul off.

There are also different types of dump trailers as well. Differences can include different types of frames. Each frame will have its own pros and cons. You can talk with a professional to learn more about the differences and which one will best serve your purposes.

What Are Dumpsters?

A dumpster is a waste container that will be set on your property for a certain amount of time. When you are done with the dumpster then the company will come back to retrieve the dumpster and dispose of the waste.

Which Should You Choose?

Which option you choose will highly depend on your needs. Your decision might also be based on budget. Renting a dump trailer runs between $60 to $150 a day while a dumpster can range from $268 to $657.

Dumpsters can also hold a greater capacity of waste than dump trailers. If you need to be able to dispose of a large amount of waste, this is a good option.

A dumpster is the more convenient option as it can be used for more waste and there are fewer limitations on what can go inside. 

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