Choosing a Dumpster Bag or a Roll-Off for My Remodeling Project

Are you looking for residential and commercial waste disposal for your next remodeling project? You may not know if you should choose a dumpster or a bagster. Bagsters were introduced not too long ago and are an excellent alternative for those who don’t need a whole dumpster. Both bagsters and dumpsters are able to hold a large amount of waste, but there are still differences between the two. Continue reading to learn what those differences are to help you choose the best option for your project.

Choosing a Dumpster

Dumpsters can be used for commercial or residential waste. They are large containers made out of metal and are available in various size options, including 10, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yards. Depending on your project, construction, residential, and commercial dumpsters are available. Some people keep the dumpster on their property, while others prefer renting a roll-off dumpster. These are perfect for construction and remodeling projects that are temporary.

10-yard dumpsters can hold 2,000 pounds of waste, while 40-yard dumpsters can hold up to 8,000 pounds of waste.

Dumpsters are pretty expensive. For example, depending on where you live, you can pay up to $359 to rent a 10-yard dumpster for only seven days.

The good thing about dumpsters is that they can pretty much hold any type of waste from furniture to drained appliances. Be careful, since certain hazardous materials cannot be emptied into a dumpster. Additionally, concrete, dirt, and cement may require a certain type of dumpster.

Dumpsters can also be left on your property until you have completed your project. Many people choose to leave them in their driveways or right on the side of their businesses. They can also be kept on grassy, gravel, or dirt areas.

Choosing a Bagster

Bagsters are a popular choice for those looking to remodel their home and have smaller projects to complete. They are not made of metal, and instead made from a woven material that you need to buy before you can use the bagster. Once the bagster has been filled completely with waste, you will have to have it picked up.

Bagsters can only hold up to 3 cubic yards of waste, which is why they are perfect for small landscaping and remodeling projects. They are easier to empty than dumpsters and can hold up to 3,300 pounds of waste. Since they are only available in one size, you may need more than one bag if you have a lot of debris to get rid of.

While bagsters can hold some of the same materials as dumpsters, there are several things they cannot handle. For example, you cannot throw electronics and drained appliances in bagsters. But shingles, furniture, yard waste, household junk, and construction debris are all appropriate waste that can be thrown into a bagster. Bagsters must also be kept 5 feet away from buildings and vehicles while they are being used. Additionally, when you are done using a bagster, they should be placed by the curb, but on flat ground.


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