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April 6, 2020

2024-05-04 | 12:58:14

"I have used them several times in the past. The interaction on the phone is always pleasant and the company always delivers when I need it."
April 3, 2020

2024-05-04 | 12:58:19

"Containers look nice and this company was awesome in so many ways! We cleaned up so much outside and replaced our carpeting with laminate. So useful!"
March 31, 2020

2024-05-04 | 12:58:23

"We had an excellent experience with Griffin! They worked within our schedule, which was kind of crazy as we were moving. They were fast, kind, and had the best price in town! We will definitely be customers for life!"
March 20, 2020

2024-05-04 | 12:58:30

"I've had great experiences with Griffin. They are able to get a can out quickly and remove it quickly when I'm done."
March 19, 2020

2024-05-04 | 12:58:33

"Could not have been better.__A "